Uses Of Lime

Steel & Other Metal Production

The lime is derived from the calcination of limestone. CaCO3 + heat → CaO + CO2 ↑ Then if hydrated, exotherm reaction is generated and lime is produced. CaO + H2O → Ca (OH) 2 + 15 kcal

Wastewater & Sludge Treatment

One of the appropriate methods for treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater is calcification.

Bulding & Construction

Lime is used as a main ingredient in masonry mortar for centuries , and this important use continues today in both historical and in modern applications.

Fiber Wool Enrichment

One of the main raw materials for the production of fiber wool is the low graded lime. Lime is used to bond the fibers together and to shape the …

Water Softening in Electric Plants

Water Softening in Electric Plants

Flue Gas Treatment

CaO Hellas has developed a new system of dry desulphurization (Dry Sorbent Injection) using specialized products, Greenlime. This system is designed mostly for flue gas desulphurisation derived from burning lignite / coal.

Soil Stabilization & Road Construction

Ο ασβέστης μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί για τη βελτίωση εδαφών, ώστε να βελτιωθεί η λειτουργικότητά τους και τα φυσικά χαρακτηριστικά σε μια σειρά από καταστάσεις όπως:

Agricultural Use

One of the most common uses of lime globally, is the agriculture use where it is used to largely improve soil productivity as it:

Chemical Industry

The lime used in the manufacture of many inorganic and organic chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Also used to produce soda,sugar and refractory materials.

Treatment of non-ferrous Metals

Lime is a key ingredient in the production of non -ferrous metals . Both anhydrous lime and hydrated lime are widely used in flotation or recovery of many non – ferrous metals – particularly copper ore flotation in which lime acts as a sedative (precipitation strengthening…

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