CaO Hellas

Natural Chemicals

The largest group of companies in
lime production.

The group is consisted of 4 plants manufacturing chemical and building lime products and many lime mortar production facilities. The range of products is wide, with various industrial and chemical uses.

Basic Products

Explore the basic products of our company.

Lime is a material found in many applications.

  • Steel & Other Metal Production
  • Wastewater & Sludge Treatment
  • Building & Construction
  • Fiber Wool Enrichment
  • Flue Gas Treatment
  • Soil Stabilization & Road Construction
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The installation is ISO 9001 and CE certified.

Specialty Products

& Construction

SOVAMIX, works with franchising system , having created already a network of local producers. The company’s goal is to create a flexible system of…


Agrolime is used with great success to rduce the increased acidity of soils derived from the excessive use of fertilizers, leaching of soils due to…

Industrial, Municipal & Potable Water Treatment

The addition of alkaline earth metals (quicklime) in sludge-like stabilization sanitation method is aplied internationally since the early 80’s…

Soil Stabilization & Road Construction

CaO Hellas has developed a new range of products specializing in soil stabilization and road construction. Our new products designed specifically for the 4 following applications:

Flue Gas Treatment

CaO Hellas, the largest supplier of specialized lime products in the Balkans, has developed a new product under the name of GREENLIME which have brought…


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CaO Hellas
Macedonian Avestopoiia TITAN
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  • Thessaloniki: 6th km Thessaloniki – Lagada
  • Volos: Industrial area of Volos
  • Amytaio: Quarries of Ag. Panteleimonas