Wastewater & Sludge Treatment

One of the appropriate methods for treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater is calcification.

Usually lime is selected in anhydrous form (calcium oxide), which reacts strongly on contact with water and dehydrates sludge simultaneously with the increase of pH, there is a considerable rise in temperature (exothermic reaction) which contributes to the destruction of pathogenic organisms.

The heat generated in the case of anhydrous lime reduces the moisture content of the sludge. The positive aspect with the process is the form of finished products which are suitable for agricultural use, soil applications or disposal in landfills, with comparatively low investment and operating costs.

CaO Hellas, produces specialized products CAOLIM, which has been successfully tested. Hydrated lime is a good low cost solution for drinking- potable water treatment, especially in cases of large benefits, especially acidic waters. For these cases a the operation of a neutralization unit is required, which involves mixing with the chemical reagent, separating liquids / solids capacitors discharge into the receiving water and the disposal of sludge neutralization within appropriately structured excavation.

Other uses of lime

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