Agrolime is used with great success to rduce the increased acidity of soils derived from the excessive use of fertilizers, leaching of soils due to high rainfall and intensive cultivation of the fields . The primary reason for the application of agricultural lime is to correct the high acidity levels in the soil. Acidic soils reduce plant growth by inhibiting the uptake of plant nutrients large (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ).

The Agrolime, which has a high calcium content may also be beneficial in places where the land is used for reproduction and growth of animal feed . Bone growth is the key to the growth of a young animal and bones consisting mainly of calcium and phosphorus. Young mammals absorb calcium from the milk, which is one of the key components. The best way to determine if a soil is acid or deficient in calcium or magnesium is with a soil test , which can be provided by agronomists , universities or private laboratories .